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With 2 million inhabitants in the city proper and more than 2. Bucharest is the capital and largest city of Romania, as well as its cultural, industrial, and financial centre.

It is located in the southeast of the country, on the banks of the Dambovița River, less than 60 km Bucharest is the 6th largest city in the European Union by population within city limits, after London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, and Paris.

Bucharest is the primary entry point into Romania. Bucharest is a booming city with many large infrastructure projects changing the old face of the city. Known in the past as The Little Paris, Bucharest has up btc college agra a up btc college agra lately, and today it has become a very interesting mix of old and new that has little to do with its initial reputation.

Finding a year old church, a steel-and-glass office building and Communist-era apartment blocks next to one another is a common sight. Bucharest offers some excellent attractions, and has, in recent years, cultivated a sophisticated, trendy, and modern sensibility that many have come to expect from a European capital.

Bucharest has been undergoing major construction and modernization works in recent years, such as the Basarab Overpass and the National Arena.

up btc college agra

Bucharest has benefited from an economic boom along with the EU grants that 0 12 btc helped rebuild neglected parts of the city, such as the historic Lipscani area. Most younger educated people will speak English very well indeed; and the drawback of this will be that they will certainly not want you to try your Romanian, to the point of pointing your mistakes out. Also, they will likely be proficient in one or more second Romance languages; most educated people born before about will speak French, Spanish or Italian reasonably well.

The Roma people speak their native Romany, as well as Romanian, and sometimes English as well. Beyond that, as in any major city, there will be a smattering of other languages like Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Hungarian.

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Almost one-third of national taxes is paid by Bucharest's citizens and companies. After relative stagnation in the s, the city's strong economic growth has revitalized infrastructure and led to the development of shopping malls, residential estates, and high-rise office buildings.

In JanuaryBucharest had an unemployment rate of 2.

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Bucharest's economy is centered on industry and services, with services particularly growing in importance in the last 10 years. The headquarters offirms, including nearly all large Romanian companies, are located in Bucharest. An important source of growth since has been the city's rapidly expanding property and construction sector. Bucharest is also Romania's largest centre for information technology and communications and is home to several software companies operating offshore delivery centres.

Romania's largest stock exchange, the Bucharest Stock Exchange, which was merged in December with the Bucharest-based electronic stock exchange Rasdaq, plays a major role in the city's economy. The city is undergoing a retail boom, with supermarkets and hypermarkets opened every year.

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Traditional retail arcades and markets include the one at Obor. Bucharest is the seat of the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, one of the Eastern Orthodox churches in communion with the Patriarch of Constantinople, and also of its subdivisions, the Metropolis of Muntenia and Dobrudja and the Archbishopric of Bucharest.

Orthodox believers consider Demetrius Basarabov to be the patron saint of the city.

up btc college agra

The latter was converted into the Museum of the History of the Romanian Jewish Community, while the Great Synagogue and the Choral Temple are both active and hold regular services. A mosque with a capacity of 2, people is in the planning stages and will be built on 22—30 Expoziției Boulevard. The plot of land on which the mosque will be built was granted to the Muftiyat of the Muslim Cult in Romania under a year lease by the Romanian Government.

The project will be funded by the Turkish Government and from various donations. Bucharest, like most of Romania, has a temperate-continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. This region of Romania gets all four seasons, although spring is brief and falls mainly in April.

The average high daily temperature in summer is about 29ºC and in winter about 2ºC.

It can get really hot and dry during the summer 40ºC and really cold during the winter ºCeven though temperatures below ºC are extremely rare. Traditional Romanian up btc college agra continues to have a major influence in arts such as theatre, film, and music.

Bucharest has two internationally renowned ethnographic museums, the Museum of the Romanian Peasant and the open-air Village Museum. Patronized by the Ministry of Culture, the museum preserves and exhibits numerous collections of objects and monuments of material and spiritual culture.

The Museum of the Romanian Peasant holds one of the richest collections of peasant objects in Romania, its heritage being nearly 90, bitcoin share market graph, those up btc college agra divided into several collections: ceramics, costumes, textiles, wooden objects, religious objects, customs, etc.

The Museum of Romanian History is another important museum in Bucharest, containing a collection of artefacts detailing Romanian history and culture from the prehistoric times, Dacian era, medieval times, and the modern era. A number of cultural festivals are held in Bucharest throughout the year, but most festivals take place in June, July, and August.

The National Opera organises the International Opera Festival every year in May and June, which includes ensembles and orchestras from all over the world. The Romanian Athaeneum Society hosts the George Enescu Festival at locations throughout the city in September every two years - odd years. The Museum of the Romanian Peasant and the Village Museum organise events crypto mining os the year, showcasing Romanian folk arts and crafts.

In the s, due to the growing prominence of the Chinese community in Bucharest, Chinese cultural events took place.

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InBucharest was the first city in Southeastern Europe to host the international CowParade, which resulted in dozens of decorated cow sculptures being placed across the city.

SinceBucharest has its own contemporary art biennale, the Bucharest Biennale Bucharest is home to Romania's largest recording labels, and is often the residence of Romanian musicians.

Hip-hop bands and artists from Bucharest such as B. Mafia, Paraziții, and La Familia enjoy national and international recognition. The up btc college agra band Taxi have been gaining international respect, as has Spitalul de Urgența's raucous updating of traditional Romanian music.

Bucharest's jazz profile has especially risen sincewith the presence of two venues, Green Hours and Art Jazz, as well as an American presence alongside established Romanians. With no central nightlife strip, entertainment venues are dispersed throughout the city, with clusters in Lipscani and Regie. Some other notable venues are Fratelli and Control. Performing arts are some of the strongest cultural elements of Bucharest. The most famous symphony orchestra rezultatul alegerilor btc live National Radio Orchestra of Romania.

One of the most prominent buildings is the neoclassical Romanian Athenaeum, which was founded inand hosts classical music concerts, the George Enescu Festival, and is home to the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra. Bucharest is home to the Romanian National Opera and the I.

Caragiale National Theatre. Another well-known theatre in Bucharest is the State Jewish Theatre, which features plays starring world-renowned Romanian-Jewish actress Maia Morgenstern. Smaller theatres throughout the city cater to specific genres, such as the Comedy Theatre, the Nottara Theatre, the Bulandra Theatre, the Odeon Theatre, and the revue theatre of Constantin Tanase. In terms of visual arts, the city has museums featuring both classical and contemporary Romanian art, as well as selected international works.

It is located in the royal palace and features collections of medieval and modern Romanian art, including works by sculptor Constantin Brâncuși, as well as an international collection assembled by the Romanian royal family. Other, smaller, museums contain specialised collections.

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The Zambaccian Museum, which is situated in the former home of art collector Krikor H. The Gheorghe Tattarescu Museum contains portraits of Romanian revolutionaries in exile such as Gheorghe Magheru, ștefan Golescu, and Nicolae Balcescu, and allegorical compositions with revolutionary or Romania's rebirth, and patriotic - The Principalities' Unification, themes.

Another impressive art collection gathering important Romanian painters, can be found at the Ligia and Pompiliu Macovei residence, which is open to visitors as it is now part of the Bucharest Museum patrimony. The Theodor Pallady Museum is situated in one of the oldest top 100 de schimburi cripto merchant houses in Bucharest and includes works by Romanian painter Theodor Pallady, as well as European and oriental furniture pieces.

Bucharest has a growing cultural scene, in fields including the visual arts, performing arts, and nightlife. Unlike other parts of Romania, such as the Black Sea coast or Transylvania, Bucharest's cultural scene has no defined style, and instead incorporates elements up btc college agra Romanian and international culture.

up btc college agra

Despite the classical art galleries and museums in the city, a contemporary arts scene also exists. Private art galleries are scattered throughout the city centre. The palace of the National Bank of Romania houses the national numismatic collection.

Exhibits include banknotes, coins, documents, photographs, maps, silver and gold bullion bars, bullion coins, and dies and moulds. The building was constructed between and Iq option pareri thesaurus room contains notable marble decorations.

Bucharest has reasonable connections with most European capitals and with the largest cities in Romania, but it can be difficult to up btc college agra a direct flight to Bucharest from outside of Europe or the Middle East.

«Черт возьми, - подумала Сьюзан.

The city is also reached by a large number of low-costs flights, up btc college agra from destinations in Italy and Spain as well as from some major cities in Germany, France, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Hungary, Turkey, Austria, Israel etc. All scheduled flights, including those operated by low cost airlines, land at Henri Coanda International Airport, located in Otopeni18 km north of downtown.

Henri Coanda airport is often referred to as Otopeni on airline bookings, because of its location. The airport, built inunderwent a massive modernization effort since the late 90's and is set to be further enlarged. It is the main hub for the Romanian flag carrier Tarom. All concessions inside the airport,shops, cafes, restaurants are extremely expensive,everything is about twice more expensive than in the city.


The one exception is a grocery store Billa with prices similar to the prices in the city. It is in the basement of the arrival area where the buses are located.

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The smaller Aurel Vlaicu International Airport was used for commercial flights as early as the s and became a low cost hub in its final years. From March 25th it is no longer used by passenger airlines. It's located inside the city, in Baneasa, about km to the city center and is set to become a sort of business airport.