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BatMiner - Mobile Mining Farm

Instructions If you open this app for the first time, some additional modules are downloaded for your processor. If your expereince problems with downloading, please install VPN, especially if you live in Russia or China. Some bitcoin systems can report viruses china bitcoin mining farm suspecious activities, becouse BatMiner uses a lot of ressources, which is unusual for ordinary app.

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Further press the button with pick-axe. The button becomes red and after a while you will see your hash rate in the top left corner.

The higher this indicator, the more efficient and faster you can mine coins. There is a speed slider at the bottom. You can drag and release it with your finger to specify the mining speed between 2x and 16x.

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If your device is old and slow better use 2x outside and 4x at home while charging. At home, especially while charging, set the highest speed to achieve the best results. As a bonus you get 5 MXC for easy start.

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You can also mine alone without any network. This mode is useful for testing the capabilities and power of your device, but to see the whole potential of the mining farm, you must register and connect other devices or just wait to get them automatically.

For registration, switch to Profile or Network. You see the form where you should specify connection address of the node you want to connect. This address you can get from your friend who told you about BatMiner.

Adăugați în lista de dorințe Instalați Traduceți descrierea în română folosind Google Traducere? RRMine With large-scale, refined operation and cost control capabilities, guaranteed profitability, and protection of user rights, it is entrance for ordinary users participating in digital asset, such as bitcoin investment. If you want to be a miner now, you just need put some money or a bitcoin as deposit to rend our hash power, which is a secure and non-risk action, because when you cancel your buy hash power package, the deposit will be restored to your assets account exactly. You can keep these coins or withdraw to some digital exchange market sometime.

All mined coins are saved in your balance forever even without registration. Our servers remember the model and serial number of your device, so when switching to a stable version, all balances will be transferred automatically.

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Device requirements: Any device with Android 4. Otherwise, the mining speed will be 2 or 3 times worse. Evaluări utilizatori Aceste recenzii și evaluări sunt scrise de utilizatori ai aplicațiilor Aptoide.

Pentru a scrie și tu, te rugăm să instalezi Aptoide.

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