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Peers are "very impressed by her accomplishments as counsel and arbitrator".

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She acts as counsel in both investment and commercial arbitration. She is an associate professor at two Bucharest universities, teaching comparative international arbitration, construction arbitration and business law.

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What did you find most challenging about entering the field of international arbitration? In spite of the existing biases of those days — I was a young woman from Eastern Europe, not part of an international firm — in fact, for me, the biggest challenge was to get access to information: reviews, books, updates bitcoin avertismente multiplicate recent developments.

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I remember chasing the information about publications on arbitration everywhere I could, visiting libraries instead of museums in every country I went, asking around about recommendations about books on a specific topic, and so on. Nowadays the online access to resources makes the life of young practitioners much easier.

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Since you began your career, what has been the biggest change you have seen in relation to the way that arbitration proceedings are conducted? At the level of principles, the most significant change I have noted over the past few decades is the shift from confidentiality as a core principle of arbitration and one of its main advantages over the court proceedings, to transparency.

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This was an influence that investment arbitration had on commercial arbitration. Indeed, some elements of the arbitral proceedings remain confidential, but the degree of transparency of the arbitral institutions has increased to a level that was inconceivable before.

In terms of practical organisation of the arbitral proceedings, the modern technologies are present now in the arbitration proceedings. We can see videoconferencing, document management platforms, visual tools to make presentations — even 3D simulations of various technical issues relevant to the dispute being presented to the arbitrators as demonstrative exhibits.

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Should more be done to improve the transparency of arbitration proceedings? In investment arbitration, transparency is already established. ICSID is even broadcasting some of the hearings online.

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But, in my view, transparency should not be an aim for commercial arbitration. The most important quality of commercial arbitration was its capacity to adapt the procedure to the needs of the parties, and this flexibility should be the aim.

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Parties should be the one to decide whether they wish for transparency and to what degree. On the other hand, the arbitral awards are valuable for the development of the legal thinking, so I would encourage the redacted publication of such awards. If you could implement one reform in international arbitration, what would it be?

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I would adapt the arbitration rules of the main arbitral institutions worldwide and provide the necessary procedural mechanism and technical solutions for solving disputes around blockchain, smart contracts and trading platforms.

Otherwise, a new territory of alternative dispute resolution mechanism shall develop from scratch, without the benefit of the embedded experience of the existing arbitral institutions. I am working a lot with the blockchain industry and I can see where international trade goes. International arbitration should not stay behind. What bitcoin trading pe zi do you see third-party funding playing in arbitration moving forward?

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I think that there is room for developing a relationship between third-party funding and the insurance companies. They are both addressing the same risk need for funding of arbitration or litigation feesexcept at the moment of making the assessment.

I would look into a potential distribution of such risk and explore a potential dual-product.

How does LDDP distinguish itself from competition? While being a local firm, with no international affiliation, LDDP is in the unique position to have an arbitration team with a staff size, and experience in commercial and investment arbitration, comparable with that of international firms.

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No less than 15 of our lawyers specialise in arbitration, and their experience include roles as counsel, arbitrators and experts in over cases. We also have a deep understanding of the role of the domestic and international arbitral institutions — I am a past vice president of the ICC Court and currently a member of the board of directors of the Silicon Valley Arbitration and Mediation Center.

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My colleague Stefan Deaconu is the president of the main Romanian arbitral institution, attached to the national chamber of commerce and industry.

We are able, therefore, to provide top arbitraj crypto tool services without the burden of arbitraj crypto tool administrative costs, and we have less conflict of interests.

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What steps can younger arbitration practitioners take to improve their chances of getting appointments? Is there an important role to play here for experienced lawyers? I think the younger generation is well trained and they know perfectly how to use international networking.

They should be the first ones to trust each other. Young counsel should appoint young arbitraj crypto tool more, and there are a lot of young companies where trust in such appointments is not difficult to get.

As for experienced lawyers, I can see their role mainly in the territory of building trust. Global Leader.